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World electronic cigarette exhibition cooperates with MHRA in the UK

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Update time : 2022-04-10 15:08:24

After the cooperation between the world e-cigarette exhibition and the UK MHRA, the world e-cigarette exhibition has become the most standard e-cigarette exhibition. The event director of the world e-cigarette show announced that it is a very celebratory thing to cooperate with MHRA in the UK and will enable MHRA to support the activities to be handled by world vape show in the UK.

The world e-cigarette show and MHRA will further cooperate to ensure that exhibitors comply with UK regulations. Better ensure that these products are legal and high-quality products under cooperation, which is conducive to retailers and buyers being more willing to buy their products.

MHRA's chief medical quality and Access Officer said they would participate in more similar programs to ensure that the products displayed at the event comply with UK regulations. The cooperation between the world e-cigarette exhibition and the UK MHRA will help the world e-cigarette exhibition get closer to fully compliant e-cigarette products in the UK market.

The world e-cigarette exhibition will be held in Dubai on June 16 and London on December 1. The partnership between the world e-cigarette show and the UK health regulator will take effect immediately at this time.

AAOK electronic cigarette factory will also participate in the world electronic cigarette Exhibition on June 16!

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