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Why do women prefer e-cigarettes more?

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Update time : 2022-02-09 16:16:15

Why do women prefer e-cigarettes to cigarettes? Are e-cigarettes more female-friendly than cigarettes?


It is generally known that smoking cigarettes will cause smoke stains to adhere to the teeth and cause yellow teeth, while electronic cigarettes are more friendly to women and will not have negative effects on the aesthetics of teeth. People who smoke cigarettes for a long time, the smoke will adhere to the hair, clothes, skin, and can not cover.

The smell of cigarettes carried on the body, and smoking electronic cigarettes will not make the body carry the heavy smell of smoke.

When a beautiful woman has yellow teeth and perfume can't cover up the smell of cigarettes on her body, it means that the harmful substances left in cigarettes have been attached to her body, which not only affects the appearance, but also harms health! E-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes.


Women's use of e-cigarettes has more benefits than cigarettes!

1. There are various flavors of electronic cigarettes, and women can choose sweet and fruity flavors.

2. In addition to producing nicotine, burned cigarettes also produce many harmful chemicals, causing more damage to human lungs.

Compared with cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are cleaner and cause less harm to the human body.

3. The electronic cigarette is light and convenient, easy to carry and beautiful, which is very suitable for women to use.


To sum up, after comparing e-cigarettes and cigarettes, we can know that it is best for women not to use cigarettes, because cigarettes not only affect the appearance, but also cause great harm to the body. Electronic cigarettes are more friendly to women. If female friends need to smoke, please choose electronic cigarettes first!

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