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Thai government considers legalizing e-cigarettes!

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Update time : 2022-01-26 15:02:07

In a national report for Thailand, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society hopes to provide smokers with an alternative to cigarettes.

The news is supported by End Cigarette Smoke Thailand, a smoking cessation network in Thailand. they believe

E-cigarettes are not just a safer alternative to cigarettes, legalized taxation of e-cigarettes could also benefit financially.

"We believe the legalization of e-cigarettes will help Thailand achieve its goals of reducing smokers and protecting non-smokers from secondhand smoke," said members of the cessation group network.

Numerous studies have shown that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative or transition to tobacco, and more than 70 countries have legalized e-cigarettes because it reduces the number of smokers.

Relevant data show that in the past seven years since Thailand banned e-cigarettes, the number of e-cigarette users in Thailand has continued to grow steadily, which shows the potential market demand.

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