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Smoking is harmful to health, and e-cigarettes are beneficial to the country and the people.

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Update time : 2022-02-08 16:11:52

It is a well-established truth that cigarettes are harmful. There are currently 300 million smokers in China, which is a historical burden. Although it generates 1.3 trillion tax revenue for the country every year, it pays for the health of 300 million smokers and 700 million second-hand smokers. The cost is too high, and it would be good for the country and the people if there was a way to alleviate the status quo.


The UK will completely ban the sale of cigarettes by 2030. If it could be done, it would be a great act of kindness. At present, if all 300 million smokers in China switch to electronic cigarettes, the benefits will be great. Every year, young people in China enter the ranks of smokers, and it is very helpful for young people to have safer replacement products.


There are many voices against e-cigarettes. First of all, a large number of papers have given clear conclusions about the harm  of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are harmful, controllable and small in amount. 95% less harmful than cigarettes. Second, the possibility of poisoning teenagers. The widespread use of e-cigarettes among American teens is an argument. The United States is an example of regulatory failure. The UK is strictly regulated and there is no teenage problem at all.


Finally, e-cigarettes are still in the developmental stage, and future technological advancements could further reduce harmful substances. After rigorous research, the technological content of ingredients, atomizers, etc. can be improved or even reduced to harmless. The control of teenagers can be absolutely limited through measures such as fingerprint recognition and face recognition. Compared with cigarettes, the supervision of electronic cigarettes can be more detailed and in place.

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