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Nebraska to ban e-cigarettes

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Update time : 2022-02-25 17:49:29

The U.S. state of Nebraska proposes new bill that would limit how local governments regulate electronic smoking devices under a bill heard before the state Senate Health and Human Services Committee on Feb. 17.


The plan will improve statewide e-cigarette regulations: The plan includes bans on certain smoking devices or flavors, which will allow E-Cigarette Hengye to provide better service to customers.

The bill, introduced by Senator Justin Wayne, LB954, would prohibit counties and cities from passing ordinances or resolutions on electronic smoking devices that are more stringent than those mandated by the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act.

Advantages of LB954:

1. Will standardize laws across the state

2. Customers are able to try various products before purchasing


But the bill was controversial, some members were opposed, and more MPs were needed to support it, and the committee did not take immediate action on LB954.

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