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Both at home and abroad to boycott wildcard pods

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Update time : 2022-03-02 18:29:18

In order to crack down on illegal e-cigarette manufacturers that destroy the market environment, the US International Trade Commission issued the latest ban: the import of unauthorized e-cigarette wild-type cartridges that infringe the patented design of JUULabs is prohibited.


1. What is a wildcard pod?

A cartridge produced by a third party that is compatible with a certain brand of pods.

2. How do wildcards disrupt the market?

Disrupting the market order with "low price" and "compatible with big names".

3. What are the hidden dangers of wildcard pods?

Excessive benzene series and other problems.

4. Disadvantages of wildcard pods?

Infringing the design patents of regular e-cigarette companies, disrupting the market order,

Violating business ethics, constituting unfair competition,

Bad for innovators, givers in the market.

The regular e-cigarette brand has not been sold online since November 2019, and has joined the research and development of technologies such as face recognition and smart child locks to protect minors. In contrast, pod manufacturers not only sell online, illegally market, but even sell to minors.


JUUL has complained to the ITC since 2019: it requested an investigation of the manufacturers of the pods. In April 2022, the ITC issued a ban: 4 manufacturers of pods were prohibited from importing products from the United States, 3 of which came from Shenzhen. .


All formal and legal e-cigarette manufacturers in China are also actively protecting their own rights and interests through technology and laws. For example, RELX has brought a number of wildcard pod brands to court in 2021, including Weike and SP2S Spire.


In the 21-year electronic cigarette industry normative development forum, Magic Flute said that issues such as dispensing cartridges are the pain points of the industry's development, which is a manifestation of not being responsible for consumers and the industry for a long time.


The e-cigarette industry is gradually legalized and standardized in various countries. Experts believe that using the law to explicitly prohibit wildcards from entering the market is a means to effectively maintain market order and promote the healthy development of the industry.

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