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The choice of electronic atomizer e-liquid

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Update time : 2021-12-14 16:56:01

1. Electronic cigarette oil manufacturers
   The electronic vapor cigarette industry is developing rapidly, and the quality levels of various manufacturers in the field are not uniform. You should compare as many as possible, and look for well-known brands that the industry praises, instead of blindly giving priority to prices. Involvement in various fields is more serious, especially e-vapor cigarettes. Some manufacturers and well-known brands pursue perfection and low customer orders. At the same time, they give up the control of taste and product quality, resulting in high incidence of problems after the arrival of the goods. The oil and electronic devices have no electricity, poor taste, and the goods are not on the right board. However, the quotations of big-brand products do not have a great advantage. Usually, the premium of the products of the brand is multiple times the ex-factory price. When you first enter the field of electronic vapor cigarettes, you can choose some products with brand awareness to develop, and when the methods are gradually improved, you should choose some cost-effective manufacturers to cooperate. 
2. electronic cigarette oil concentration value
  E-cigarette smoke oil concentration value is divided into: none, low, medium and high. Inconvenient is without smoke tar. No irritation and sexy. If you want to quit smoking or have never smoked before, it is recommended to choose none. Low, medium and high are all with smoke tar. Generally, customers suggest to choose low, medium and high stimulus, which can only be accepted by long-term smokers.
3. The taste of e-cigarette oil
   There are generally three tastes of e-liquid, tobacco, fruit and herb. Generally, the taste of tobacco companies in China is all imitating tobacco, and there are also some foreign cigarettes. Pick a taste you know and try it first. The taste of e-cigarette oil is close to that of general tobacco, or has a certain difference. There are a wide selection of herbal taste and fresh fruit taste, such as bananas, apples, jackfruit, seedless watermelon, and peaches, as well as strawberries, blackberries, dried ebony, and dried blueberries. a variety of. Herbal plants include savory, thyme, medlar and so on. The savory is very good, and most people will try it. It is recommended that when choosing the taste of e-liquid, you can choose a few of the three series of products here to try. Look for the taste that suits you. 
E-vapor cigarette is a kind of smoking cessation product that replaces normal tobacco. Its taste is the same as that of cigarettes smoked at ordinary times, and it does not have these toxic substances that are harmful to the body in the cigarettes that everyone usually smokes. Although the e-liquid is not as harmful as normal cigarettes, the e-liquid in e-vapor cigarettes may have an impact on the body. Therefore, it is best not to smoke at ordinary times, whether it is a normal cigarette or an e-vapor cigarette. Usually you can do more fitness exercises moderately and eat more foods that are helpful to your body.

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