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E-cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking

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Update time : 2021-12-23 17:33:12


  If you are trying to quit smoking, congratulations you are saving every organ of yours. In addition, you are not alone on the road to quit smoking. Data shows that nearly 7 out of every 10 smokers said they want to quit smoking.

  Quitting smoking is the most urgent thing you need to do right now. Smoking can harm almost every organ, including the heart. Nearly one-third of heart disease deaths are the result of smoking and secondhand smoke.

  You must know that cigarettes are addctive and it is difficult to quit completely. Therefore, many people choose electronic cigarettes as a transition from traditional cigarettes to complete quitting. So the question is, can e-cigarettes really help you quit smoking? Compared to traditional tobacco, is e-cigarette a better choice for you?

According to this question, Michael Blaha, the director of clinical research at the Johns Hopkins Heart Disease Prevention Center, MD, and master of public health, shared health information about e-cigarettes.

1: Electronic cigarettes are less harmful than smoking, but still not completely safe

E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavoring agents, and other chemicals to produce inhaled aerosols. Regular cigarettes contain 7,000 chemical substances, many of which are toxic. Although we don’t know exactly what chemicals are contained in e-cigarettes, Blaha said: “There is almost no doubt that they expose you to fewer toxic chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes.”

2: Research shows that cigarettes and e-cigarettes are equally harmful to the heart

Nicotine is the main component of ordinary cigarettes and e-cigarettes. It is highly adddctive, and it will cause you to crave smoking. Nicotine is also a toxic substance. It raises your blood pressure and stimulates your adrenaline, thereby increasing your heart rate and the likelihood of a heart attack.


  In fact, whether e-cigarettes or traditional cigarettes, as long as they contain nicotine, they are harmful. However, the e-cigarette products on the market have zero nicotine content.


  A recent study published in the authoritative medical journal "New England Medicine" mentioned that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking, and the smoking cessation effect and experience of smoking cessation are better than nicotine replacement therapy.

The well-known journal "The Lancet-Public Health" recently published similar research conclusions. The data shows that in the 18-month survey, the success rate of smoking cessation in the e-cigarette group is generally 5%-10% higher than that of the control group (without using assisted smoking cessation methods).


  The National Institutes of Health conducted a survey of nearly 1,000 British smokers. Taking one year of non-use of cigarettes as the "successful smoking cessation" standard, data shows that the success rate of users who use e-cigarettes is 18%, while the success rate of smokers who use nicotine patches and nicotine gum is 18%, while other nicotine replacement therapies have a success rate of 18%. Only 9.9%.


  There is a reason why e-cigarettes can achieve a higher success rate of smoking cessation. E-cigarettes contain nicotine and the method of smoking is similar to traditional cigarettes. Studies have shown that after switching to e-cigarettes, the symptoms of respiratory infections of smokers are alleviated.


  According to data from the British Smoking Cessation Service Center from 2019 to 2020, there has been a success rate of 74% among people who use e-cigarettes as a means of quitting at local smoking cessation service centers, and e-cigarettes have become the most popular way to quit smoking.

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