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Statistics on why people smoke e-cigarettes

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Update time : 2021-12-27 14:45:18

After 10 years of development, e-cigarettes have evolved from Ruyan to today’s various e-cigarettes and their derivatives. The flavors range from various fruit flavors to traditional tobacco flavors. To some extent is regarded as light smoke. Most e-cigarette users are converted from traditional cigarette smokers. They are attracted by better smells, multiple flavors, and sellers' safer and healthier marketing of e-cigarette products. To

As time goes by, there is an obvious trend of younger age among the users of e-cigarettes.

The main users of e-cigarettes are no longer those who are 25 to 55 years old trying to quit smoking or early adopters. Instead, teenagers aged 15 to 21 years old. According to the NIH monitoring future survey, these teenagers use e-cigarettes for the following reasons:

I am curious about e-cigarettes and want to try (60.9%)

It smells good (41.7%)

Social means (37.9%)

It will relax when used (37.4%)

Feeling good or excited during smoking (29.0%)

Boring (28.7%)

E-cigarettes look cool (15.2%)

Addiction (8.1%)

Can quit regular cigarettes (6.1%)

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